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Balterio laminate flooring is situated in Belgium, and is the leading brand in laminate flooring innovations . Balterio is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe and has a proven track record of great products and back up service in South Africa.

We at Jardine flooring have always considered Balterio as our main flagship.With their wide variety of colours offering high definition designs and remarkable texture on each plank , the choices are endless.The different ranges offer different panel sizes, from narrow to standard to the all new extra long 2055mm  and extra wide 240mm from the Grande Range.

The Grande range is unique with individual panels resembling hardwood at a fraction of the price.The impressio range offers a two sided v groove with a panoramic feature and true to nature texture in 240mm width, the urbanflor is a standard plank also siutable for commercial applications with a moderate price tag.

Balterio have incorporated some of the finest and unique creations in the construction process, namely the Panoramic design effect which allows the pattern of the floor to flow from plank to plank, The 3D effect which emphasises the natural depth of the wood grain by varying from gloss to matt to satin to silk. True to nature is an embossed register process. The surface structure matches the underlying wood decor giving feel of solid wood timber .Hand scraped gives the appearance that every floor has been individually handcrafted. Saw Cut Raw effect has a deep and authentic surface structure resembling cuts from a saw blade. Chrome Zone gives grooves and grains a metallic lustre on a matt floor radiating a beautiful finish. These effects are all available on ranges with bevelled edging, giving you the best that laminate flooring can offer.


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