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Carpeting in today’s world we have been bombarded by choice overload. And this is certainly the case when it comes choosing a carpet. There are so many factors to consider namely, what brand of carpeting to choose, type of material fibre carpets are manufactured with, durability of a carpet ,comfort of the carpet pile , colour of the carpet, style of carpet and of course affordability. We at Jardine flooring have been retailing and installing carpets since 1996 and have prided ourselves in all there is to know about carpeting in order to assist and make the process easier for you.




Choosing a brand of carpeting 

The majority of wall to wall carpets are manufactured locally and the popular brands are BELGOTEX, NOUWENS, VAN DYCK, CROSSLEY.

From our experience we find BELGOTEX CARPETS the market leader in the manufacturing of carpets for residential and commercial applications. They have incorporated the latest technologies in carpet fibre and carpet care, at affordable prices, with the widest ranges to satisfy every carpet customer’s needs.


Specification of carpets

Ask yourself where do you need to install the carpet, what is the foot traffic of that area. It is important that the right carpeting is specified for the correct area. There is a spec sheet or label for every carpet to specify residential, heavy residential, or commercial use. These specifications have been set by the South African Bureau of standards to give you peace of mind. You need to check these specifications especially when considering walkways and staircases. Regardless of specifications, it is highly recommended to use plastic chair protectors when using roller castor chairs in your home office. All carpets come with varying terms of warranty/guarantee ranging from 5 to 15 years.


Choosing The fibre of carpeting

Fibres used in carpet manufacturing can range from Nylon, wool, polyester and polypropolene (plastic).Each carpet fibre have their own characteristics which affect durability and looks. Nylon is the toughest, and Belgotex Carpets have ranges in a new SDX (solution dyed) soft nylon, with a velvet texture and stain proof qualities, giving you the best in durability and ease in carpet care. These ranges are VOGUE, REFLECTIONS, DESTINY and ESSENCE, and are the carpet of choice for bedrooms with its soft and comfy feeling underfoot. They also feature Silver care which is a protection against allergens making it ideal for children to play on. Polypropylene is the cheapest form of carpet fibre as it is a form of plastic, but does not offer the same lifespan, as plastic does not have a memory base. In walk ways the pile flattens quickly and can look undesirable. These ranges are generally used as a cost effect option when needing a floor covering for a couple of years .Polyester is a soft fibre, offering a soft feel underfoot but in a cut pile form it sheds a lot of fibre causing fluff in areas. Wool fibres are resilient and have a memory base, the impressions created by heavy furniture can normally by lifted with a brush or vacuum, but stains are more difficult to remove.


 Pile and Density of Carpets

Carpets come in different pile construction, Namely a cut-pile carpet, which is a carpet with a velvet smooth finish that vary in height and density. These carpets normally provide that awesome toe riggling sensation and are generally the best choice of carpets for bedrooms. The other is a loop-pile carpet that resembles loops looking like bubbles and vary in loop sizes and formations. These two different piles are subject to decor choices and style preferences.


Carpet prices

When choosing a carpet be careful to choose a carpet that might be price favourable but lacking in quality. All prices of carpeting vary drastically because they are based on fibre costs and quality of construction. Rather plan carefully to avoid disappointment. There is always a way to balance your needs with your budget, but it is important that you are properly informed what you are receiving for your money. Carpet prices are made up the price of the carpet, the price of the underlay, the price of installation and aluminium door finishes. With that in mind not all quotations can be compared on the same grounds and we recommend on site consultations to make sure all aspects of the estimate is met adequately. A good estimator can alter prices on the same carpets by clever planning of an installation. Estimations are a trade skill so don’t presume that one quote from a company is always an accurate representation of what can be mastered. We have saved customers thousands of hard earned cash over the years by reducing unnecessary wastage .Different options of underlay’s can also determine budgets and labour costs. We do not sub contract any of our installations so we assure you of the most cost effective installation prices.


Installation of carpets

Choosing carpets are one thing, but making sure your chose of carpets are installed correctly is another. It is important that the installation team is skilfully trained to ensure carpets are joined and stretched in a room correctly. Joining of carpets require a skilful artisan to trim and join a carpet with the correct tools to ensure seams are less visible and strong enough to warrant a life span of a carpet, stretching machines are used to place the right tension on the carpet to avoid ripples that can reduce longevity of carpet. Without the correct methods your carpet can forego its warranty. We also need to install the correct underlay’s recommended by the carpet manufacturer as per their guidelines and conditions of warranty. At Jardine flooring we give you peace of mind as all our staff are seasoned carpet installers and permanently employed .We also have a contracts manger that oversees all installations and provide you with a five year written guarantee on our workmanship.

Wall to wall carpeting

We specialize in wall to wall carpeting Johannesburg, carpeting Sandton, carpeting Randburg, carpeting Fourways, carpeting Bryanston, carpeting Morningside, carpeting Roodepoort, carpeting Krugersdorp, carpeting Northcliff, carpeting Centurion, carpeting West Rand, carpeting East Rand, carpeting South Rand, carpeting Nort Rand.

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