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Laminate flooring is certainly the most popular flooring solution in our modern time.  Since introduction into the South African market in the mid 90’s, laminate flooring has made huge in-roads and has become the preferred choice among Homeowners, Landlords, Architects and Contractors.

Jardine Flooring has been a supplier and installer since the inception of laminate flooring into South Africa.  With our hands-on approach, we have been able to iron out all the challenges relating to laminate flooring.

Over the years, we have narrowed our search to only offer the best laminate flooring available from Europe.  We believe in the range of Balterio from Belgium and Egger from Germany. These brands offer enough ranges and prices to cover every need in our market.


Laminate flooring is manufactured in simple layers and features.  The standard production of laminate flooring usually has four components. At the top, there is a wear layer, followed by a decor layer (colour of floor), followed by a high density fiber board (core layer) and lastly the base layer.

 Prices depend on how these four components are constructed.



1. Strong, highly abrasion-resistant surface

2. Decor pattern

3. Swell barrier plus core board, made of natural wood fibres

4. Balancer


The top transparent wear layers have different wear-resistance and thickness, i.e. AC3, AC4 and AC5.  AC3 being Residential, AC4 being Medium Commercial and AC5 being Commercial.  The wear layer can also feature texture to resemble and feel the genuine wood grain.  The wear layer can also be impregnated with a metal compound known as aluminium oxide, which serves as the armour against scratches, impact and UV rays, ensuring a strong, unfading laminate floor.  These will all impact on the price point.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       DECOR LAYER OF LAMINATE FLOORING.

This is a paper which has different prints and colours.  Better quality prints with specific designs will make your laminate floor look more realistic.  Larger paper format and quality will reduce the pattern repeat and result in a more realistic, genuine, solid timber floor look.  It is important that when choosing a colour, that you ensure that all the layers of the laminate floor are of good quality.  Do not choose on colour only.


The core layer of laminate flooring makes up the bulk of the thickness of the floor.  The core layer is manufactured from pine chips and goes through a process to determine density.  Core boards have different compression ratios, the less density, the more porous the core board will be.  Two 8mm boards can have different compression ratios and can affect pricing.  Less compression on a core board will make the board less friendly to water, while more dense boards are less likely to absorb water, making certain laminate floors suitable for kitchens.  The thickness and density of laminate flooring will allow boards to feel more solid on the floor and less noisy underfoot.


The base layer of the plank also known as the counter balance, serves as a structural feature to create stability and prevent, warping.


Manufacturers have patented lock mechanisms which connect laminate flooring planks together.  Certain locks and quality can restrict floor dimensions.  Cheaper quality planks need an expansion joint every 6 metres, while better quality lock mechanisms on laminate flooring can go beyond 10 metres.  Manufacturers also have varying standards on gaps that can appear between the panels. The lock plays a vital role in strength, determining expansion and contraction of laminate flooring.  Depending on temperature, wood laminate floors expand on average 1mm for ever metre laid. It is of utmost importance that installers allow correct expansion and cross structure when laying your laminate floor.

At Jardine Flooring we have a well trained and seasoned workforce made up of permanently employed installers who will ensure a professional installation.

There is a laminate floor for every specification and our sales staff will professionally advise on the correct laminate floor for the specific requirement.  Incorrect product specification and incorrect installation methods are the number one reason for a laminate floor to fail and leave you frustrated.  Besides the warranty/guarantee from our manufacturer, we at Jardine Flooring cover our installation with a five year guarantee. Laminate Flooring boards can change in movement from season to season and with five years backing our installation, we give you peace of mind.

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