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Under-carpet heaters consist of a hard reinforced industrial aluminium foil pad . The heating wires are  sandwiched between these two materials. Because of the excellent conductivity of aluminium, heat-transfer is done swiftly, with minimum heat losses, and as a result, quite a saving on running costs.

The underfloor heating come in different  sizes and power outputs. The finest imported heating conductors are used and the engineered fluorocarbon thermoplastic coating which insulates the  heating wires ensures lifetime durability.

These heaters  are laid directly between the under-felt and the wall-to-wall carpets. As the heater is in firm contact with the carpet, the warmth emanating from it, is felt within minutes.  Because of their design, the warmth is well distributed and not confined to a particular spot as with conventional heaters.  Furthermore, the room temperature can be regulated by means of a  thermostat with a built-in pilot light allowing the consumer to monitor his  comfort.

Flat bottomed, solid base furniture or mattresses must never be allowed to rest on top of a heater while switched on.  This will cause the heat to be trapped and the  unit will overheat.  This could result in the discolouring of the carpet surface.  A 20mm air-gap is needed between the furniture and the carpet for the heat to be able to dissipate.



• Carpet
Warmup’s undercarpet heating pads can be used beneath almost all types of carpeting.

• Foil Heating Pad
Warmup’s heating pads are a result of more than three decades of advanced research and development. The undercarpet heating pads are designed never to overheat and can be left on continuously.

• Underlay
A good quality underlay is essential. Warmup recommends a standard 1000 – 1200 gram underfelt, as well as the Belgotex Orange Underlay.

To ensure you enjoy the full lifespan of the heating system, the subfloor must be smooth and level, and free of all stones and grit.

All thermostats carry a 1(one) year guarantee. 

All heating systems carry a 5 (five) year guarantee.

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